Friday, 21 January 2011

No pictures just a story

I had found a boat to hitch on a website [ask me if you want it].  The man's name was Joe and he was picking me up at 11am from Anna's place to take me to his place in Fort Lauderdale.  What turned up was a Mercedes and a very friendly 40ish year old man.  We got to his place after about an hour.  Holy ****!  I've never seen anything like it.  His house was a mansion.  There was even a room just for a metal bull to stand in.  Seven bathrooms.  Countless bedrooms.  Two pools.  Four cars.  Four Harleys.  Two yachts.

We went for lunch and chatted about where we would go, what we liked and disliked, what we had done, places we had been.  He showed me around the yacht that we were going in.  Everything was going well but for some reason I didn't feel comfortable.  Thinking back now, he talked a lot about how to stay safe whilst I am travelling alone, so maybe it just got me thinking.  If it was intentional then he is very clever, because I started to feel vulnerable.  I made a decision and told him that I didn't want to go anymore.  He was fine about it and helped me find a hostel to stay at in Fort Lauderdale.  As I was leaving the house to get in the car I saw a book laid out on the table.  It had a long title that I can't fully remember, but it was an instruction guide on how to communicate sociably, in public and individually.  At that point I realised he was just a lonely old man.  At lunch he had told me his way of doing things in life and one thing that I particularly remember was him saying the reason people fail in life was because they didn't plan things like he does.  Seeing that book on the table made me see he had prioritised all the wrong things in his life.  In my eyes, he has failed.  He has everything but nobody to share it with.

He drove me to the hostel where I got a bed in a dorm.  There was a woman there who was around 40 years old (although I'm sure hostels are for young people?!) from Ohio.  She asked where I came from and when I told her Liverpool, she looked at me in amazement.
"Oh wow. What's it like there? I heard it's really liberal."
I asked what she meant.
"People run riot and everything. They're not religious at all."
I said no not really.
"Wow. Oh my gosh. It's godless!!"
I explained that it's not a bad place at all, people just get on with their lives with or without god.
" Godless. *huh* They just don't know do they!?!!"

After reading this blog post, please put your hand up right now if you are happy with who you are and with what you have.  Good.  You should be.