Thursday, 10 November 2011

Kimmie's gone crazy!!??

Yes, I know most of you are thinking, what on earth is going on with Kim’s facebook wall??!!
It’s been occupied, that’s what!
...PLEASE just listen for one minute!!!....

The “Occupy” movement started in New York City over two months ago and has now gone global: Sydney, Madrid, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Milan, LA; altogether almost 2000 cities worldwide!
And now…..Liverpool!!

After all my travels I have learned so much about the world and the capitalist system we live in. To put it in a nutshell, it is corrupt; corrupted by the richest 1% who buy our governments allowing them to waver laws so that they can become even richer.  The system as it is benefits only that richest 1%.

The financial mess that the world is in was caused by these people and now the common people are being forced to bail them out. We are told we live in a democracy, but what does that mean when we are voting for a bought government? That 1% control the majority of the wealth, and the decision making, and the decision-making power. In effect, we are modern day slaves.

And that’s where we come in. We are fighting back against the power of major banks and corporations and demanding our governments work for us!

Rupert Murdoch [click]

Are you wondering why you don’t know much about the Occupy movement? Let me tell you…because there are a very small number of people who own the media we read and watch every day. And those very few people are part of that 1%.  Why would they report on a movement that wants to shut them down? Their motto: Keep the public stupid and we can live like this forever.

Occupy Madrid

Occupy is growing so quickly that it is already the largest protest movement in recorded history. And it’s only just beginning.

That’s why you need to know! I want to educate my friends and anyone else who’s listening on what is happening to our world. So from this point onwards, my blog has officially started up again! I’ll do my best to explain everything as simply as possible and hopefully inspire you to be part of it. 

Viva la revolution!!