Thursday, 17 November 2011

Wake Up!

Over the past six days I’ve pretty much devoted my entire time to Occupy. All my nights have been given to meetings, researching, networking, and thinking. Even my dinner hour at work has been taken over.
I can honestly say that I have never thought so much in my whole entire life. Every minute there are millions of ideas running through my head. Almost all of the other Occupy Liverpool campaigners I’ve seen over the past week have had the same problem as me…so much thinking that you lose yourself mid-sentence.
Who knew? It’s not just the parks that are occupied; it’s our minds as well!

What I would like to talk about today is the primary aim we have as a group.

WW1 propaganda
The mainstream media has ridiculed the camps, trying to dumb the general public into believing their words. I think there’s a word for that…oh yeah; propaganda!

One British politician sums this up pretty well; let’s call him Cavid Dameron for identity sake:
“Obviously, the right of people to protest is fundamental to our country. The idea of establishing tents in the middle of our city, I don’t feel is particularly constructive.”

The student protests in 2010 were aimed against the tripling of tuition fees for future university students. There were approximately 50000 people demonstrating on the streets of London on the first day of protests on 10th November. After several other days demonstrating and all the media that followed, guess what happened?…The tuition fees were tripled just as planned.
I fully supported the student protests, but the impact their argument had on the government was pretty much nil. Even in those large numbers, the government hardly even batted an eyelid.

So to say that we have a right to protest is one thing, but for them to listen to that right is another matter.

Therefore, in my eyes particularly, the tent camps that people are setting up around the world ingeniously use that right to their advantage. By being in one set place for months on end, where anyone can go to learn about the cause, ask questions, and speak freely is the most constructive protest I could ever think of.

Our primary aim is to waken people up to the corrupt system we are under. What better way to do this than having a constant presence and the ability to educate every day.

  • If a campaign sets up a website, do you find it and look up their cause?
  • If a one day demonstration marches through the streets of your town, do you stay at home that day, or do you go down and watch starry eyed?
  • If you walk through your town centre and see hundreds or thousands of peaceful people in an established camp with posters and banners everywhere and each one of them wanting to chat with you, would you be curious? Would you ask questions? Just chat for one minute?

So unless you have something
constructive to say Mr Dameron, I would leave the belittling nonsense comments aside.

Yes we have demands for the future, and yes we might not have all the answers yet (another one they like to play on in the media), but our primary aim is to get our people to WAKE UP!

Those that we are opposing have absolute power.

So for the public to have any power at all, we need the people to
wake up.

We are the 99%.