Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Gateway to Safety

I'm in Athens.  The capital city of Greece; the gateway between Asia and Europe.  When I arrived I immediately began to notice people from Syria in the streets, those injured in someway and therefore vulnerable and with no alternative, easily forced to beg for money.  I looked into the Greek policy on asylum seekers and was shocked to find how inhumane it was how they dealt with the illegal immigrants they found.  That's all a different story, of which I'm sure I will be able to share more specific and individual stories with you later on.

What is happening now is that, for some unknown worldly reason, I have found myself accepted into a circle of Syrians who have escaped their country and are trying to make it to northern Europe, to countries where they will have a very good chance of being accepted as asylum seekers.

I have been given the utmost privilege of getting to know them, to learn about their families, their journeys from Syria to Greece, their plans for the near future, their stories of survival.

I have a predicament in which I do not want to give too much away; this is a public blog and I do not want too much information available on the internet for those who would want to stop these people from saving themselves and their families.  But I believe that what I know, and what I am still learning every single day that I meet these people, is so important and worth while to write about.  Every day I am incredibly humbled by their stories and the awful situation at hand that I can't even dream that merely writing some stories for my few followers to read could change anything for these people.  That is too ambitious and naive.  But who knows, maybe even one person reading this will be as outraged as I am, stop everything they are doing, stop thinking about themselves for one minute, and commit themselves to SCREAMING SO F***KING LOUDLY that what is happening is wrong, that it can be stopped and should be right this minute, until something changes.

In this hope, I share with you their stories; one by one...

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