Saturday, 14 December 2013

Man #3: My Worst Memory

It was 5pm when the Assad Militia came to take over his neighbourhood. Shouting and gunfire filled the air. Afraid to look out of his window, Man #3 hid quietly with his wife and two children, afraid inside of their own home. Nobody slept that night.

By 6am the militia had finished their nights work and the results were left for the ordinary people to find.

Man #3 stepped outside apprehensively.
"People were taking photos and videos of what had happened. I asked why. `They're human beings not objects, we must move them to their families.` I told them."

[Warning. This video contains shocking footage. I have added it to this post as proof of this story, and in the hope that the horrendous reality of the situation in Syria will be noticed by my readers.]

Can't see the video? Follow this link to YouTube: [LINK]

"I went to move the young boy first. The one in the white jacket at the back of the video. Another man picked him up by the shoulders and I held his ankles. Straight away I noticed big holes in his legs and his blood started pouring all down my hands and arms. I was red all over. We took his body to his grandmother, he lived with her in the building next to mine. Before walking up the stairs, the other man and I switched sides, and I looked at the boys face the whole way up. It was the same; holes and blood everywhere, his face was destroyed. She cried as we set his body down on her floor. She kept asking what to do now that God has taken him. That boy was only 17 years old.

Returning to the pile of bodies, they noticed one of them was face down. To know where to take the body they turned it over to see who it was. The other man suddenly stepped back and gasped. "It's my brother. I didn't even know he was here." They carried him in the same way, this time to the man's own home. Despite his loss, he returned again with Man #3 to continue to help.

Upon noticing a commotion going on around a car parked nearby, Man #3 went to find out what was happening. A woman was crying so much that she could hardly speak. She pointed to two of the bodies; one man and one woman.
"Their child is inside," she said. "She was sleeping when the militia took her parents outside and shot them dead. She went to sleep with parents and has woken up with none. A six year old little girl!"
Man #3 asked where the rest of the family lived.
"I don't know, they only moved here a week ago from their last home where they said it was too dangerous to live" she replied.

After many discussions and phone calls, they managed to find a young couple who had no children of their own yet and would take the newly orphaned child in as a daughter. As for the unknown dead parents, a car came later on to take them to a mass  grave to be buried with all the other unknowns the town had found in the past.

Man #3s solemn expressions had grown in intensity as his explanation of this gruesome and horrifying memory came to an end.
"I didn't sleep for three months after that. I couldn't forget it. I never will.
I'm not somebody who likes death and blood. I don't like it, I don't want it on my hands, I don't want to see it. But I was there and had to do something. It's changed me forever."

He continued with more stories; those from inside Syria as well as those on his journey to escape. He gives me details for every memory. I realise Man #3 has more than one or two blog post stories inside of him...

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